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Robichaud’s Toronto criminal lawyers provide experienced legal representation for all criminal charges.  Our criminal law firm has proven results in domestic violence, sexual assaults, murder, impaired driving, drug offences, theft, and fraud.

criminal law firm toronto criminal lawyersRobichaud’s criminal law firm provides services and advice to people charged with criminal offences and to victims of crime.  Robichaud’s Toronto criminal lawyers have the experience you need in matters relating to criminal justice.

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Robichaud’s criminal law firm understands the anxiety associated with being criminally charged, or victimized by a crime.  Our lawyers and victim assistance lawyers provide immediate and knowledgeable answers to legal issues involving criminal law and criminal litigation.

Our criminal lawyers offer our initial consultations at no cost in person or by telephone.  What criminal defence lawyer to hire may be one of the most important decisions in a person’s life.  It is not a decision to be made lightly, or without the most information possible.  That is why we encourage potential clients to meet or speak with us at no cost for an initial consultation.  We are confident that our law firm can provide the expertise and skill required for your criminal charges, or criminal legal issue.

Our lawyers are based in Toronto but travel throughout Ontario to represent our clients charged with criminal offences, or victims of crime.

Criminal charges happen everywhere.  That is why our criminal litigation lawyers travel anywhere in Ontario.  We seek to ensure our clients receive the best legal representation the law offers, regardless of where in Ontario they are facing their criminal legal matter.  Our Toronto criminal lawyers travel throughout Ontario to assist our clients. We are very familiar and experienced with all levels of trial courts in Ontario including the Ontario Court of Justice, and the Superior Court of Ontario.

Our criminal defence lawyers understand how much is at stake.

When facing a complicated criminal legal issue, there can be no compromise on the quality of legal representation.   The consequences of criminal legal proceedings is life changing.  Our criminal law firm will do everything possible to ensure the best defence and representation the law affords.

Robichaud’s criminal lawyers possess the motivation, experience, and skill to ensure all aspects of a criminal defence are explored and implemented. Our lawyers pride themselves in the results obtained for past clients charged and victimized with criminal and regulatory offences.  Our reputation is just as important as yours; we will stop at nothing until you have received the best defence we can deliver.

Our law firm offers initial consultation on criminal charges at no charge.

Meeting with a criminal defence lawyer can be intimidating.  At Robichaud’s, we seek to demystify the legal process, explain to our clients why they do not need to feel helpless, and reduce the anxiety and confusion when facing charges. Having knowledge of the process, the defences that apply, and experienced guidance changes everything for the better.

Whether you are seeking a criminal lawyer in Toronto, or for other parts of Ontario, We offer initial consultations at no cost so those looking for lawyers can make an informed decision.  After all, what lawyer you hire to represent you on your criminal case may be the most important choice you ever make.  We are confident that after speaking to one of our criminal defence lawyers you will appreciate our commitment to your case, and our proven experience that will shape your defence.

A criminal law firm with experienced lawyers and proven results.

Our firm has provided effective and affordable services to thousands of Ontarians.  We represent clients charged for all criminal offences.  Our experience includes minor criminal offences of impaired drivingtheft, and domestic violence.    Our criminal lawyers’ past successes also include much more serious offences such as sexual assaulthomicide (murder), and drug offences.   Whether it is a crime of violence or a minor allegation of property offences, there is no criminal offence that is beyond the proven abilities of our experienced Toronto criminal lawyers.

A Certified Specialist in Criminal Law by the Law Society of Upper Canada.

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Lead Counsel, Sean Robichaud, is a certified specialist in criminal litigation by the Law Society of Upper Canada.

Lead counsel of the firm, Sean Robichaud is a Certified Specialist in criminal litigation by the Law Society of Upper Canada.

The Law Society states, “When you hire a Certified Specialist, you are hiring a lawyer who is recognized and experienced in his or her field of law and who has met high standards.”

Mr. Robichaud’s qualifications also allow him to defend the most serious of cases under the various Legal Aid panels.  He is qualified under Legal Aid to take on matters that are designated as “Extremely Serious Matters”. Mr. Robichaud is also routinely consulted for commentary to provide a level of knowledge in criminal law expertise that very few lawyers can offer.  You can see some of his coverage in the media here.

Regardless of certification status, the high expectations of the Law Society and certified specialists are the same for the expectations of all members of the Robichaud’s firm.  Whether you retain senior or junior counsel with the firm, we ensure our clients receive excellent legal representation.

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Our firm accepts all forms of payment including Visa, Mastercard, Debit, and cheque. We also offer flexible payment plans for our legal services.

Our law firm accepts all forms of payment including Visa, Mastercard, Debit, and cheque.  We will make reasonable efforts to work within your budget to ensure that your defence is not compromised including payment plans or financing.  Call of our our criminal defence lawyers now to discuss your case and the options available to you.

Our law firm is located in the King West area of Toronto near King and Bathurst: 620 King Street West, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. M5V1M6. Speak to one of our Toronto criminal lawyers today to understand how we can help.