Of Counsel 2019 Bencher Election Series

Welcome to the Of Counsel, 2019 Bencher Election Series. This initiative is an effort to increase voter awareness of all candidates in an accessible and no-cost medium. We hope that all bencher candidates will participate in these short interviews prior to the April 2019 election.

Questions and format

The Of Counsel 2019 Series podcast interviews are 9 minutes.

This will allow each candidate enough time to convey the highlights of their platform and allow voters to listen to several in succession.

The episodes are recorded via clearcast.io.

You must use either a Firefox or Chrome Browser. You must also have a headset / earphone (phone headphones work well). You may also use headphones with a microphone for the best quality.

The Of Counsel Bencher Series podcast is also available via iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, or Stitcher

Candidate questions:

  1. Elevator pitch: Why are you running? (30 seconds)
  2. Who are you? (2 minutes)
  3. The single most pressing issue facing lawyers in 2019 (2 minutes)
  4. 3 things you would like to see the LSO accomplish in your term? (3 minutes)
  5. What single character trait do you believe is essential for a bencher? (30 seconds)
  6. Outside of law, what is an accomplishment you are most proud of? (30 seconds)
  7. Last words (30 seconds)

Instructions for candidates:

  1. Book a time slot (below)
  2. Confirm appointment via email
  3. Await email from Clearcast.io with login details to recording platform
  4. Required computer set up: a) high speed internet, b) Chrome or Firefox Browser, c) headset/phone earpiece OR microphone and headset
  5. Login via Clearcast.io at the beginning of the scheduled time slot and commence interview (5 minute warmup)