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The criminal consequences of road rage

The criminal consequences of road rage charges in Canada. As criminal defence lawyers, we frequently receive calls for people charged with "road rage" incidents.  Although road rage by itself [...]

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How Antic changed bail in Canada and the cases that followed it: the case of R. v. Tunney

How Antic Changed Everything for Bail in Canada: The Case of R. v. Tunney The case of R. v. Tunney (linked below) started as a routine bail hearing [...]

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Being charged with careless driving in Ontario (s.130 of the Highway Traffic Act)

Careless driving in Ontario: its definition, its penalties, and the nature of the charge. Careless Driving is a serious offence under the Highway Traffic Act. It is defined [...]

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Dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, and dangerous driving causing death or bodily harm under Canadian Criminal law

Dangerous Operation of a Motor Vehicle and Dangerous Driving Causing Death Under Canadian Criminal Law Earlier this week, lawyers from our law firm represented a young man on charges [...]

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Deportation and conditional sentences: the case of Tran vs. Canada

Deportation, appeals, and conditional sentences as "terms of imprisonment" - the case of Tran vs. Canada In 2013, Than Tam Tran, was convicted of producing marijuana contrary to Controlled [...]

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