2016 Sunday, March 27,

On April 1 Our Law Firm is Moving to Front St. E.

Our law firm is moving April 1. On April 1, our law firm is moving to 43 Front St. E. (Church and Front). We look forward to meeting our existing and new clients at this new space that offers significant enhancements [...]

2016 Friday, February 26,

Why the Barristers Act has to go in Ontario.

The Barristers Act in Ontario has to go. It's a curious sight to walk into certain courtrooms in Ontario. One is likely to observe a steady stream of old, predominantly white, predominantly men, speaking to their matters with priority [...]

2016 Wednesday, February 24,

Cameras in Courts: the time has come in Canada

Cameras in Court: Canadians have a right to know about their justice system We do not understand our justice system. Why should we? How could we? How do we expect Canadians to understand something so complicated that the vast majority, despite its [...]

2016 Tuesday, February 16,

In defence of the Crown: the case of Ghomeshi.

In defence of the Crown: the case of Ghomeshi. The Ghomeshi case has come to end. Aside from the presiding judge, no one can be sure what verdicts lie ahead for him. Notwithstanding, this hasn't stopped a flurry of commentators [...]

2015 Monday, December 21,

The R.I.D.E. Impaired Driviing Program: What is it, what are my rights?

The R.I.D.E. Impaired Driving Program: What is it, what are my rights? Nothing in this article is meant to in any way constitute legal advice; it is purely informational. The holiday season is high season for drinking and driving offences [...]

2015 Thursday, November 19,

Social Media for Lawyers: questions, tips, risk, and use.

Social media for lawyers: questions, tips, and risks. Quite recently, social media has become a very fascinating, controversial, and widely discussed topic among lawyers. It has formed the theme of countless legal conferences, professional development courses, and debate on ethical rules surrounding [...]