Estreat Court Hearings in Ontario

estreat courtIf you recently acted a surety for someone on criminal charges, you may have received a “Notice of Estreat Court Hearing” from the Superior Court of Justice.  These notices will typically order you appear before the presiding judge at the courthouse.   Typically a date and time is provided along with details of phone numbers that you may call to provide further information.

Why is an estreatment hearing held?

These hearings are held in response to an individual who has breached their bail and now the Crown seeks the funds in which the surety had pledged on their behalf at the bail hearing.  For example, if an individual acted as a surety and bailed someone out for a bail in the amount of $10,000.00 then the Crown may now wish for the former surety to forfeit that amount by Order of the Court.

What are the procedures involved in defending an estreatment hearing?

Such a procedure can be quite confusing and stressful to unrepresented individuals, particularly when large amounts of money are at stake.  Having the assistance of an experienced lawyer can ensure that you do not end of forfeiting funds unnecessarily by either convincing the Crown to abandon the application or by convincing to settle for a much smaller amount than what is sought.

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