OPP Crackdown on Commercial Motor Vehicle Violations

commercial vehicle violationThe OPP has been cracking down recently on Commercial Motor Vehicle violations in Ontario.  As part of the most recent “safety blitz”, police have been issuing tickets for offences including:

– operating and unsafe vehicle;
– operating a motor vehicle not in accordance with permit limitations;
– using a hand-held device while driving;
– insecure loads; and,
– failure to display/surrender inspection device/report.

“Project Corridor” is the annual blitz launched by the OPP to crackdown on commercial vehicle safety.

In 2013, the OPP pulled over more than 22,000 commercial vehicles, ultimately removing 2,000 trucks from the road for being unsafe to drive and laying over 1,700 defective equipment-related charges.

Defending Allegations of Commercial Vehicle Violations

As with any ticket or allegation of wrongdoing by police, you have a right to challenge the charge.  The offence must be proven in a court of law.  Receiving a ticket for a Commercial Motor Vehicle violation does not mean that you are guilty of that violation.  It only means that an allegation has been made against you.  While many people accept the allegation without contest, the financial and other consequences may be severe, especially in the context of a professional transportation service.

There is no reason to blindly accept the allegations without first consulting with a lawyer that can help you understand the potential to be found not guilty of the violation.

Highway Traffic Act (HTA) offences are prosecuted through the Provincial Offences courts and although charges are not often defended, you can avoid harmful and costly sanctions by holding the prosecution to its burden of proof.

An experienced defence litigation lawyer can prepare a defence and challenge the allegation at trial to help you avoid the various harmful consequences of non-compliance violations.

If you have been charged with an offence under the Highway Traffic Act’s Commercial Vehicle Inspection Regulation, or any similar statute, call ROBICHAUD’S at 416-999-8389 or click “Chat Live” for a free consultation.

Speak to a lawyer to defend commercial vehicle violation under the Highway Traffic Act.

You have the right and the ability to challenge Commercial Motor Vehicle charges.  Exercise this right.  Call us today to inquire about challenging your Commercial Motor Vehicle violation.

Jordan Gold
Barrister and Solicitor