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Your criminal case is stressful enough; the legal fees do not have to be.

criminal lawyerAlthough it is exceptionally difficult to assess legal fees at an early stage in the proceedings, we strive to ensure our potential clients are informed of what a particular case will cost from beginning to end.

To achieve this, we offer initial consultations at no charge to discuss the various rates and financing options available. During these consultations, we will consider every reasonable option to make our clients’ fees affordable in the circumstances.

With Robichaud’s, there are a variety of options available to our potential clients depending on the nature of the case, the level of the lawyer’s experience sought, and the instructions provided by the client on what ought to be pursued in Court.

Legal fees are usually assessed on a hourly, fixed-fee, or combined hourly-fixed fee schedule.

certified specialist criminal lawyer

Lead Counsel, Sean Robichaud holds his Master of Laws (LL.M.) and is a Certified Specialist in criminal law and procedure.

Generally speaking, our firm will provide fixed fees for our clients who are facing criminal charges.  Although every case is unique in their facts and issues, after successfully defending thousands of cases, our lawyers have come to learn with considerable accuracy the time and effort that will be required for any particular type of case.  We have also found that clients seek two goals in their legal fees: 1) value, and 2) predictability.

Individuals who are facing criminal charges understand that the stakes are high and the work required to properly defend such allegations will require considerable work and effort. What is sought in such serious circumstances is not the lowest price, but reasonable, predictable, and valuable representation.  At Robichaud’s, our rates are very competitive in relation to our lawyers’ experience, education, and proven successes in the past.

Financing and all forms of payment are accepted.

We understand that few people have the means to pay the entirety of their legal fees up front; and for that matter, nor should they.  Criminal proceedings often take considerable time to properly defend. As an example: a typical, simple, one day trial will easily take up to 8-12 months before it reaches trial.  Therefore, it is entirely reasonable for a client to make payments over that time period towards those fees as the lawyer completes work.

Our firm accepts all forms of payments on an interim basis.

You can’t afford an inadequate defence.

legal fees criminal hourly fixedWe are confident that after speaking to our lawyers, you will find legal fees are more affordable than you thought.  You may think that you can not afford a lawyer; however, the truth is that you cannot afford not to have a proper legal defence.  Call (416) 999-8389 to schedule an initial consultation at no cost to discuss these and other issues about your criminal charges.

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