Our legal fees.

At our firm, we strongly believe that clients should be well-informed every step of the way. This includes having a clear understanding of the fees associated with their case. To promote transparency, we have decided to make our fees public. By doing so, we hope to help potential clients make informed decisions when selecting the right lawyer for their case.

We understand that legal fees can be confusing and overwhelming, especially for those who are not familiar with the legal system. That’s why we take the time to explain our fees in detail to our clients. We offer extensive, no-cost initial consultations where our lawyers discuss the value, services, and cost-effective strategies associated with our fee structures.

We recognize that every client is unique and has different needs and budgets. To accommodate this, we offer various options and work with clients to find a fee arrangement that works for them without sacrificing quality legal representation. We also offer flexible payment plans to help make our services accessible to as many clients as possible.


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Applicable taxes and disbursements will be charged in addition to the fees noted above.

Discounts on fees for qualifying cases:

Access to justice and adequate legal representation is an important principle to our firm. We do our best to ensure that every person who contacts our firm is either provided the representation they desire, or are referred onwards to trusted lawyers who are more affordable or who accept Legal Aid and other forms of aid.

In keeping with this philosophy, from time to time, our firm will reduce fees for certain cases and for certain clients. We will often make exceptions in our fees for those cases who meet certain criteria that may include: 1) Of significant public interest; 2) Youths (Prosecuted under the Youth Criminal Justice Act and the accused is a youth at the time of being charged); 3) Students presently enrolled in a post-secondary institution; and, 4) Other unique circumstances determined on a case by case basis.

Above all, when you contact our firm, we will be sure you are taken care of no matter what you budget, constraints, or case may be. If we can’t accept the case, we will find a lawyer for you who will.

Examples of estimated fees for types of criminal cases.

Below you will find approximate ranges of fees they relate to common matters. These fees are best estimates on an average case and not minimum or maximum amounts. The fees below do not include disbursements (if applicable) and taxes.

 Nature of proceeding

Typical types of cases falling into this category

Estimated total fees and hours

Diversion, bail variations, and peace bondsFirst criminal charge, relatively minor offence, Crown is willing to withdraw the charges after negotiations and before trial dates are scheduled.900 to 2500

Avg. hours for a typical case: 3-9

Single day summary conviction trial or pleaSingle day summary conviction trials often include: impaired driving, sexual assault, domestic assault, theft under, failing to comply with a bail order, minor drug possession.6000 to 9,000

Avg. hours: 20-40

Multiple day summary conviction trial or pleaMultiple day trials are either those that are very complicated summary conviction matters with multiple motion or complicated legal argument.

These sorts of cases might include sexual assault, impaired driving, drug possession. Cases that span multiple days are often  those that require special motions (third party records applications, constitutional challenges, etc.).

10,000 to 15,000 up to and including the first day.

1500 to 3000 for subsequent days.

Avg. hours: 25+.

Multiple day indictable offence trial or pleaThese cases are the rarest and most serious of cases.

They would include homicide, robbery, drug trafficking, and some sexual assaults. In these instances, the clients have the choice of conducting a preliminary hearing and/or jury trial so fees are reflective of the choices the client makes as it relates to their defence.

25,000 +

Avg. hours: 100+

 Bail hearingA typical bail hearing will take a full day in Court to complete and preparation leading up to the hearing.

Bail relates to any criminal offence where the Crown is seeking the detention of an accused.

1500.00 to 3000.00

Avg. hours: 8-16

Financing and all forms of payment are accepted.

We understand that few people have the means to pay the entirety of their legal fees up front; and for that matter, nor should they.  Criminal proceedings often take considerable time to properly defend. As an example: a typical, simple, one day trial will easily take up to 8-12 months before it reaches trial.  Therefore, it is entirely reasonable for a client to make payments over that time period towards those fees as the lawyer completes work.

Our firm accepts all forms of payments on an interim basis.

A proper defence is invaluable. An inadequate defence is worthless.

legal fees criminal hourly fixedWe are confident that after speaking to our lawyers, you will find legal fees are more affordable than you thought. You may think that you can not afford a lawyer but we hope to show you otherwise.

Call (416) 999-8389 to schedule an initial consultation at no cost to discuss these and other issues about your criminal charges.

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To make your payment online, click on the LawPay image below. You will be taken to our secure online web payment page. On any payment or trust deposits, you may print a receipt (or have one e-mailed to you if you supply an e-mail address) of your transaction. You may also contact our office to make any similar payments.

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