Robichaud for Bencher

Law Society 2019 Bencher Election Candidates

In 2019, thousands of lawyers across Ontario will cast their vote for the Law Society of Ontario’s bencher election.

Lawyers will vote on professional issues that matter most to them, their future in law, and their clients’ interests. I expect that lawyers, like you, will turn out in record numbers to vote for change.

I hope to be part of that.

My vision for the Law Society is one that is younger, leaner, and louder. 

Like many of you, I would like to see a less expensive Law Society of Ontario. One that is less intrusive of lawyers practice and businesses but willing to prosecute harshly those that undermine us as a whole through criminal or dishonest acts. One that understands the present course we are on is not sustainable or desirable as lawyers. Overbearing regulations, unconscionable licensing fees, and crippling tuition is not in society’s interest any more than it is in ours. It’s up to us as a profession to change it, and change it we must.

It starts with your vote.

Standing up for participants in the justice system, and the lawyers who represent them.

As a small business owner, a relatively recent call (2005) and someone who graduated with significant debt load, I understand the struggle that many lawyers face in 2019. I want to change that for you and those lawyers that follow us. I want to change it for the benefit of the people we help as lawyers.

We can’t be lifeguards, if we ourselves are drowning. Helping others, starts with lawyers’ own ability to thrive in our practices and careers.

Listen to this short podcast about Sean Robichaud’s platform on our special Of Counsel Bencher Series. 

If we want our profession to remain relevant, we must: 

  • Reduce licensing fees with active measures towards auditing wasteful spending;
  • Educate the public on the importance of lawyers and the role we play in society;
  • Advance previous efforts towards a “Recent Call” sub-category of Bencher (under 5 years, two per region);
  • Advocate for the reduction of law school tuition by working with institutions, governments, and the private sector;
  • Reduce excessive regulatory and business practice intrusions of the Law Society into lawyers and firms;
  • Increase the prosecutions and sanctions for lawyers who undermine us as a group through dishonesty and who commit criminal acts;
  • Advance access to justice through governmental collaboration and advanced coordination with lawyers offering their services;
  • Advance all measures to modernize our courts and delivery of justice in the province;
  • Recognize the need for adaptation in business practice, marketing, and financial structuring of law firms;
  • Modernize and recalibrate the licensing and mentorship of lawyers in the province; and,
  • Increase measures to ensure lawyers meet minimum standards and competence in specialized areas of law.

About me

I was called to the bar in 2005 and practiced exclusively in criminal and constitutional law since. Over the years, I have played an active role in the bar including sitting as a past Director to the Criminal Lawyers’ Association, and a recent appointment to the Board of Directors for Legal Aid Ontario.

Professional memberships include: The Advocate’s Society, The Canadian Bar Association, The Toronto Lawyers’ Association, The York Region Law Association and the Criminal Lawyers Association.

In 2001, I graduated with my undergraduate degree from Queen’s University, followed by my law degree also at Queen’s in 2004. In 2013, I obtained my LL.M. from Osgoode Hall. I have held a Certified Specialist status in criminal law since 2013. Since 2010, I have operated under my own banner of Robichaud’s. While starting as a sole-practitioner, the firm has now grown to five remarkable associates, students, and staff. Every day, I am grateful for their insights on the profession, its future, and their passion towards criminal law.

Law Society 2019 Bencher Election

My pursuit in law was not pre-destined nor easy. I came from a working class family and the first of my extended family to go to university. Like many of you, I had to pay my way through school at Queen’s at my own expense and graduating with massive amounts of debt from tuition. I understand first-hand the crippling effect fees and tuition has on recent calls.

During my time as a lawyer, I have actively pursued initiatives towards advancing the legal profession including speaking as a guest lecturer at the University of Toronto, Queen”s University as well as participated as a panel speaker at many professional development seminars and conferences on the issues of criminal law. I am also an active participant on social media, particularly as it relates to issues of justice, lawyers, and governmental overreach.

In 2010, I founded King Law Chambers. Once a chambers of no more than five members, King Law Chambers has grown to over 75 lawyers practicing in a wide range of practice areas located in downtown Toronto. It has blessed me with invaluable insight on the challenges senior and recent calls face when operating their own practice outside of big law firms. On a daily basis, I see the effect overregulation and ever-increasing costs have upon sole practitioners and small to mid size firms.

Outside of law, I am a proud father of 8 year old twin boys who are the world to me and my amazing wife. Despite the additional responsibilities and challenges my boys bring me, they make me work harder to leave the world, and the justice system, a better place for them in their lives.

When I am not practicing law and running my businesses, I take considerable enjoyment in snowboarding, motorcycling, kayaking, and many other outdoor activities.

Real conversations on real issues

In 2018, I started the Of Counsel podcast series with the same motivation I have in running for bencher: educating the public on the importance of lawyers, discussing and solving important issues we face in the profession, and the continued advancement of law. Thanks to our awe-inspiring guests, we were awarded a Clawbie Award for “Best Legal Podcast” in 2018. 

Listen to the conversations I have had over the year with remarkable lawyers in Canada.

Listen to the latest Of Counsel podcast episode

Law Society 2019 Bencher Election

I hope I can count on your vote in April. If you wish to discuss any of these issues, or issues that matter to you, please email me or reach me on my cell phone at (416) 220-0413 any time.

– Sean

Law Society 2019 Bencher Election