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toronto murder lawyerThe most serious cases like murder, call for lawyers who can provide the best attention to detail, and proven experience in defending homicide charges.

Robichaud’s criminal law firm and its dedicated criminal lawyers provide experienced representation for persons charged with murder, attempted murder, manslaughter, and serious crimes of violence.

If you need a lawyer for any type of homicide, or other extremely serious crime, we can help.  We have the proven experience to defend these cases.

Serious charges like murder call for serious and experienced lawyers to defend them.

There is nothing more serious in Canadian law then taking the life of another human being.  This may take many forms and depending on the level of intent, planning, and the manner in which the killing was carried out, the penalties and level of seriousness can significantly increase. For example, if a person is convicted of first-degree murder, they are sentenced to life with no eligibility of parole for a minimum of 25 years.

This does not mean as a matter of certainty that the convicted murdered will be released in 25 years, it is simply when they may be released depending on a number of factors that the parole board will take into account.  On the other hand, a conviction for second-degree murder will still result in a life sentence but the eligibility of parole will be a minimum of 10 years.  Again, the release of a person is discretionary and depends on the parole board’s determination of suitability for release.  A judge may also increase the minimum release date beyond the 10 year period, and often do, depending on the nature of the act.

What if I am not charged, but only a suspect in a murder investigation?

Anyone facing charges this serious ought to contact a lawyer immediately, even if they are only under suspicion.

murder lawyer homicide lawyerPolice go to every effort in ensuring that someone suspected of murder is investigated thoroughly.  Sophisticated investigatory methods are employed, advanced interview techniques are used, and telephones are often wiretapped in order to obtain evidence against a suspect.  Speaking to a lawyer at a very early stage in an investigation can ensure that a person does not engage in any acts that might compromise their rights and the manner in which a lawyer may defend you.

Even if you are completely innocent, the need to understand your rights is critical.  Many wrongful convictions have happened over the years in Canadian law and most of the proven ones come from murder cases.   Having the benefit of speaking to a criminal lawyer familiar with murder charges may very well save your life.

Examples of our lawyers’ past experience in murder/homicide and serious crimes of violence:

Allegations: S.B., along with three other young persons were charged with a deliberate and planned killing of a 16 year old in the Neptune Complex in Toronto.  The deceased, T.B., was executed in a stairwell after a series of text and telephone communications among several other accuseds.  At the time of the death, S.B., was seen on video surveillance running from the stairwell along with other accused where T.B.’s body was found.  After a trial spanning over a month, S.B. was found not guilty of first-degree murder.   All his co-accused were convicted of first-degree murder. The link to the Toronto Star article can be found here:

Allegations: A botched home invasion robbery resulted in a man being shot and killed while being forcibly confined, thus elevating the culpability one of first degree murder. Two of his alleged perpetrators testified against him and implicated G.A. as the shooter. The ultimate issue was one of identification. Evidence was elicited of a third party suspect as well as other exculpatory evidence pointing towards another individual as the actual shooter. Result: Jury Verdict of NOT GUILTY on first-degree murder after a three week trial. Mr. A left the courthouse a free man after serving 2.5 years for a crime it was found he did not commit.
Allegations: The deceased was released from jail earlier in the day and was present when a drug dealer arrived to sell the occupants of the residence crack cocaine. A struggle ensued over drugs and money. It was alleged that the accused pulled a gun and shot the deceased in the head at close range. The accused testified, contrary to the Crown witnesses, that the deceased actually had the gun. The accused attempted to disarm the deceased when the gun accidentally went off and killed him. Result: Jury Verdict of NOT GUILTY on second degree murder and manslaughter. Mr. W.P. walked out of the prisoner’s box to return to his family waiting in the courtroom.
Group beating and allegations of a confinement of a young man that resulted in his death through internal injuries. Result: Client pleads to manslaughter and receives a sentence of 6 years minus time served in custody at two for one credit.
Charges: Attempted Murder, Possession of Weapon for a Purpose Dangerous to the Public Peace, Carrying a Concealed Weapon | Allegations: The accused stabbed the complainant three times in the chest with a large knife. The complainant lost massive amounts of blood and underwent emergency surgery where doctors luckily saved his life. See the link above for specific details leading up to this stabbing. Result: Jury Verdict of NOT GUILTY on all counts

DISCLAIMER: Every criminal case is unique and every case has it’s own challenges.  Past acquittals, withdrawals, or other favourable results our lawyers have achieved for our clients in murder/homicide, manslaughter, and other serious cases does not mean the same result can be obtained for present or future clients.  We look at each case with it’s own unique characteristics and fashion our approach on the individual, not the crime itself. 

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