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Ontario Criminal Courthouses our law firm frequently serves

Ontario criminal courthouses 004Below you will find a list of the various criminal courthouses in Ontario that our criminal law firm serves our clients at.  Although our offices are located in Toronto and Newmarket, we frequently travel throughout the province of Ontario to represent our clients’ interests.

The criminal law firm of Robichaud’s has travelled to Ontario criminal courthouses from Ottawa to Windsor and most courts in between.  There is no distance we will not travel to ensure our clients get the best defence we can offer.

Tomorrow's Ontario court appearances


Click here to find out whether someone is in court tomorrow (at present, the list is limited to next-day appearances). The list should list all Ontario Criminal Court appearances.
Tomorrow's Ontario court appearances

The maps offered below are for convenience sake and not definitive of the Ontario criminal courthouses we will travel to represent our clients.

Toronto Superior Court

Toronto (Old City Hall)

Toronto (College Park)

Toronto (Youth)

Etobicoke (Youth and Adult)

Scarborough (Youth and Adult)

North York

Durham (Superior & Ontario Court of Justice)

Cobourg (Superior & Ontario Court of Justice)

Barrie (Superior & Ontario Court of Justice)


Peel Region (Superior & Ontario Court of Justice)

Milton (Superior & Ontario Court of Justice)

Orangeville (Superior & Ontario Court of Justice)

Waterloo (Superior & Ontario Court of Justice)

Bracebridge (Superior & Ontario Court of Justice)

Kingston (Ontario Court of Justice)


More information on Ontario Criminal Courthouses:

More information on Ontario Criminal Courthouses, locations, and various regions can be found through the Superior Court of Justice, Ontario Court of Justice, and Ministry of the Attorney General websites.

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