Anita Szigeti

Anita Szigeti is one of Canada’s leading mental heath lawyers.  

Her expertise spans all aspects of mental health and its interactions with the Canadian justice system. Her passion for her clients and the law is inspiring. Despite her day to day in and out of hospitals, tribunals, criminal courts, and review boards, she maintains a remarkable optimism and enthusiasm for her work.

Among many other accomplishments, she has served as Former Chair to the Mental Health Legal Committee and Legal Aid Ontario’s Mental Health and Policy Advisor Group. She sits as a Director of the Criminal Lawyers’ Association, founder to LAMBDA (Law and Mental Health Disorder Association) where she currently sits as President, an an author to A Guide to Consent and Capacity Law in Ontario.

Join us as we learn what happens when someone who wants to become a doctor, ends up scoring perfect on her LSATs.

Ep. #15: Anita Szigeti: I am this person’s lawyer.

Anita Szigeti: I am this person’s lawyer.
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