Annamaria Enenajor is a legal phenom and inspiration among her peers.

She holds her BA from the University of Toronto, her Masters of Science from Oxford, and her civil and common law degrees from McGill University where she graduated Gold Medalist. Following her education, Annamaria clerked for Justice Marie Deschamps and Justice Richard Wagner of the Supreme Court of Canada.  From there, Annamaria spent time in New York with an international law firm focusing on litigation in regulatory compliance, corruption, and white collar crime.

While there, she devoted considerable efforts towards pro bonowork that resulted in her being awarded the 2014 Pro Bono Publico Award by the New York Legal Aid Society. Since her call to the Ontario bar in 2013, joined the firm Ruby Schiller where Annamaria proved herself in constitutional and criminal litigation alongside criminal law legend, Clayton Ruby. Annamaria is now partner of this prestigious firm (recently renamed, Ruby Schiller & Enenajor,). As of late, Annamaria has focused considerable efforts and influence on Cannabis legalization reform in Canada. She recently testified before the Senate of Canada and started a petition to grant amnestyfor those with criminal records for marijuana possession.

Annamaria’s insights on the law, achieving success within it, and how to overcome the challenges faced by racialized lawyers like herself is invaluable. Listen to them all here, on this episode of Of Counsel.

Ep. #17: Annamaria Enenajor: make demands upon your profession.

Of Counsel
Of Counsel
Annamaria Enenajor: make demands upon your profession.