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In this episode of Of Counsel, we are joined by Canada’s leading animal rights and welfare lawyer, Camille Labchuk. For over well over a decade, Camille has dedicated her life to animal justice and advocacy. Through her efforts, she has exposed animal cruelty in farming, documented commercial seal killing on Canada’s East Coast, and protected the free speech rights of animal activists like herself striving towards better protection of animals in Canada.

Camille now is the Executive Director of Animal Justice, one of Canada;’s leading advocacy organizations for animal protection.  She is also co-host the popular podcast, Paw and Order. Though her continual efforts,  she has shaped the social perspective in Canada and persuaded various levels of government to reevaluate how we treat animals. Learn how she has changed so much, in such a short period of time; and what you can do to help her – on this episode of, Of Counsel.

Ep. #25: Camille Labchuk: Social change comes before legal change.

Camille Labchuk: Social change comes before legal change.
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