Our guest in this this episode of “Of Counsel is criminal defence counsel Danielle Robitaille.  Danielle is a trial lawyer and partner with Henein Hutchinson LLP in Toronto.  Henein Hutchinson is widely recognized as one of the top boutique litigation firms in Canada, if not the world.

Danielle’s law partners include the incomparable Marie Henein, the venerable Scott Hutchinson, and litigation and appellate superstars Matthew Gourlay and Christine Mainville.

Along with their associates, their firm has acted for some of the most high-profile and controversial cases in Canada. Among these cases include that of former CBC host Jian Ghomeshi where Danielle acted as trial counsel alongside Marie Henein. As a partner in this tightly knit firm, Danielle has played an essential role on numerous others cases that, if listed, would read like the past 5 years of Canadian front page headlines in Canadian criminal justice.

In addition to her in court accomplishments, Danielle is a leader among the bar with wide participation in continuing education for lawyers and students, including teaching advocacy, at the University of Toronto Law school.

In 2016, it was asked by Precedent Magazine if Danielle is Canada’s next legal icon? Time will tell, but if this podcast is any indicator, the future seems very clear on that prediction.  It’s a real pleasure to have Danielle Robitaille with us in this episode to tell us about this calling.

Ep.#3: Danielle Robitaille: It has to be your calling

Danielle Robitaille: It has to be your calling
Of Counsel

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