In the course of practicing for over 40 years, Donald Bayne has entrenched himself as one of the best criminal defence lawyers Canada has ever known. Despite this, his humility, compassion for human suffering, and pursuit of justice is as vibrant as it was when he first became a lawyer.

Don’s remarkable journey in his pursuit of justice takes us from a farm on the prairies, to varsity football fields, to travelling with the KGB in the Soviet Union at the height of the Cold War.

His past cases are some of Canada’s most well known and include acting as defence counsel for Senator Mike Duffy, acting for the coroner in the Ashley Smith Inquiry, and more recently his endless efforts opposing, and now correcting what seems a clear error and injustice, of his client Hassan Diab’s extradition from Canada.

The release of this particular episode comes at a time when Canadian extradition laws are the topic of worldwide media after the recent arrest of Meng Wanzhou of Huawei as she awaits for a bail hearing and likely deportation to the United States on allegations of US Iran sanction violations. 

Ep.#32: Donald Bayne: the threat against the rule of law.

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Donald Bayne: the threat against the rule of law.
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