Emilie Taman and Micheal Spratt are a powerhouse couple in Canadian law. In addition to their remarkable accomplishments in Court, Micheal and Emilie’s influence is far reaching with their ground breaking and award winning podcast, The Docket.

In 2018, Emilie was named one of Canada’s Top 25 most influential lawyers by Canadian Lawyer Magazine for her active roles in practice, her contributions as a professor at the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law, and her political involvement as a candidate for the NDP in the 2015 federal election. Emilie intends to springboard off that momentum and run again for the NDP in the upcoming 2019 election for the riding of Ottawa Centre.

Anyone who follows Canadian criminal developments in the news, Senate, and Legislature would immediately recognize the name and contributions of Michael Spratt. Micheal’s passion for criminal law reform has placed him before the Senate and Parliamentary committees on dozens of occasion where they seek his advice, insights, and unhindered criticisms on proposed improvements to the criminal justice system.

In this episode, we join Micheal and Emilie at the Chateau Montebello during the attendance at the annual CCLA conference discussing what how they manage their active legal lifestyle together.

Ep.#34: Emilie Taman and Micheal Spratt: take care of your work and family and the rest takes care of itself.

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Emilie Taman and Micheal Spratt: take care of your work and family and the rest takes care of itself.
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