While few people think of Jonathan Kay as a lawyer, after completing an engineering degree at McGill University, Jon scored perfect on his LSAT score and was admitted to Yale Law School. His legal education placed him on Wall St. and a member of the New York bar.

With the momentum of his impressive legal education and experience, Jonathan jumped into Canadian journalism where he is well known for his work with the National Post, The Walrus, and most recently Quillette magazine.

While Jonathan left law in 1998, his story beyond law is remarkable. Today, he is one of the most widely known writers in Canada with an accomplished life of book authorship, editorial positions, documentary journalism, and most recently, podcasting.

Jonathan is no stranger to controversy and this podcast episode is no exception.

Join us as Jonathan discusses his path in and out of law, his path into journalism, the importance of free speech, the creation and success of Quillette magazine, and even issues surrounding the recent controversy over the Law Society’s Statement of Principles.

Jonathan Kay: Connect your ideas to how people experience life.

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Jonathan Kay: Connect your ideas to how people experience life.
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