Lisa KerrThis week, our podcast brings you Professor Lisa Kerr, from Queen’s University Faculty of Law in Kingston.

Lisa’s expertise takes us into the concrete corridors and confines of prison law, and the law of sentencing in Canada. Her experience with Prisoners’ Legal Services and extensive pro bono work in this field offers us a unique and raw perspective on conditions and treatment for inmates housed in Canadian jails and penitentiaries.

In addition to her extensive knowledge in prison law, Lisa is an activist for social change in the areas of decriminalizing sex work, and solitary confinement. It therefore comes as Lisa’s influence in the law, teaching, and even social media is wide reaching. Join us, as we open up her influence into podcasts, in this Of Counsel episode.

Ep.#31: Lisa Kerr: Deserving recipients of forgiveness

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Lisa Kerr: Deserving recipients of forgiveness
Of Counsel

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