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In this episode of “Of Counsel”, we hear from President of the Criminal Lawyers’ Association, Michael Lacy.  Join us as we listen to Michael discuss the lessons he has learned over his many years in an illustrative career in criminal law.

Looking back on Michael’s career in law is overwhelming in accomplishments and notoriety.  The cases he has defended are some of the most well known in the nation.  Now partner with Brauti Thorning Zibarras in Toronto, Michael’s future ahead continues with some of the most anticipated cases in Canadian news. And, unlike many litigators who restrict themselves to either trials or appeals, Michael is equally accomplished as an appellate lawyer appearance in the Ontario Court of Appeal and Supreme Court of Canada on countless occasions.

Michael’s participation in the criminal justice system does not end at his clients. Over the years Michael’s contributions have enhanced the bar as a whole.  He is an instructor with Osgoode Law School, an author to several publications and bulletins and a frequent speaker at conferences throughout North America for lawyers, prosecutors, police, and judges.

Above all, Michael has harnessed his skill and dedication in criminal law to actively leading one of the largest criminal lawyers associations in the world. As President of the Criminal Lawyers’ Association, Michael continues to fight for the constitutional rights of Canadians and for those lawyers who defend them. With significant cutbacks in Legal Aid, increasing complexity in the Court system, expanding police powers, degradation of privacy rights, and evaporation of procedural protections in court on the horizon, there is no doubt Micheal’s term as President brings with it serious challenges.

And for those reasons, there is no better time than the present to have an advocate like Michael leading lawyers like him in protecting the rights of Canadians.

Ep. #2: Michael Lacy – Don’t let the law get in the way of your argument

Michael Lacy – Don’t let the law get in the way of your argument
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