Paul Schabas Treasurer LSO

Paul Schabas was elected Treasurer of the Law Society of Ontario in 2016.

Now sitting in his final months as the elected head of Ontario’s governing body of lawyers, Paul reflects on his past two years in this role, as well as what the future may have in store for him and the Society.

His term has brought with it notable changes, including: a change of the Law Society’s name, an implementation of a Statement of Principles to reflect lawyers’ required commitment to diversity in the province, an extension of the LPP program, increased enforcement of improper lawyer marketing, and much more.

In addition to his role at the Law Society, Paul Schabas is an accomplished media and litigation lawyer at the venerable Blake’s law firm in Toronto, a law professor at the University of Toronto, and an active volunteer in the legal community.

In 2011, Paul was named one of Canada’s most influential lawyers by Canadian Lawyer Magazine.  Learn why, on this episode of, Of Counsel.

Ep. #16: Paul Schabas: In the public’s interest.

Paul Schabas: In the public’s interest.
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