Steven Skurka is one of Canada’s most well known criminal defence lawyers. In this episode, he discusses the importance of preparation, courage, and willingness to think differently when advocating. In addition to invaluable tips of advocacy, Steven reminisces on the time he spent on various high profiles cases such as R. v. Brown (racial profiling of Toronto Raptor Dee Brown), R. v. Mark Phillips (marijuana induced psychosis) and his own legal struggles and redemption in the case of Jacobson vs. Skurka.

Steven’s passion for criminal law is profound, unique, and inspiring. His expertise in media and advocacy translated well into his own publications including his most recent book Tilted The Trials of Conrad Black, Second and his canonical text on jury selection: July Selection in Canadian Law,

Steven Skurka: “May I continue Your Honour?”

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Steven Skurka “May I continue Your Honour?”
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