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LPP Ryerson

Recognizing a need for alternative pathways for graduated law students to successfully advance to lawyers, the Law Society launched the Law Practice Program in 2014. The initiative was bold and met with controversy among the bar. Many saw the program as redundant, substandard, and exacerbating the problem of unemployment among recently called lawyers.

In only 3 short years, the Ryerson LPP program would not only prove their critics wrong by actually creating employment opportunities for lawyers, but also exemplified a comprehensive, innovative, and practical articling experience.

In 2018, the LPP program has a long list of successful placements and permanent employment for their candidates in banks, Bay St., insurance, criminal and constitutional law, and almost all the areas that those outside the LPP aspire towards.

However, the overwhelming success of the program would not have come without the passion, perseverance, and wisdom of our three guests today. Gina Alexandris, André Bacchus, and Chris Bentley who combined their impressive backgrounds from legal education, Bay St., and politics to form what the LPP is today.

The Ryerson Law Practice Program: Gina Alexandris, André Bacchus, and Chris Bentley

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