One person familiar with Will and his career described him as having the “widest range of advocacy skills in all of Canada.”

A partner with the elite litigation firm Lenczner Slaght in Toronto, Will’s litigation experience includes commercial disputes, public and governmental relations, libel and slander, and regulatory and criminal matters. Looking to some of his appointments by the Courts and government demonstrate the confidence the bar and judiciary has in him as an effective, balanced, and proven lawyer.

From 2005 to 2008, Will caused at Canada’s Associate Deputy Minister of Justice and a team leader in complex and volatile areas of litigation. Will’s steady and measured approach was essential to resolving many of these governmental disputes during these years.

In April, Will seeks reelection for a third term as Bencher to the Law Society. His experienced leadership during this time has assisted Convocation seek common ground and advance many important initiatives including Mental Health, Governmental Relations, and Professional Regulation. You can learn more about Will’s platform at You can also learn more about Will’s platform but listening to our new Of Counsel Bencher Series here.

Ep.#37: William C. McDowell: Recognize the importance of empathy in the law.

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William C. McDowell: Recognize the importance of empathy in the law.
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