14 things to know before going to jail in Ontario: a prisoner’s guide.

A guest post by Ruth Roberts, Bonn Law

Ruth Roberts is a criminal defence lawyer with Bonn Law in the Belleville Quinte area. In the course of assisting her clients over the years, she has compiled an essential guide to managing jail. Below is her list she has very generously allowed us to post for the benefit of a wide audience and in particular, those knowing that they will be spending time in an Ontario jail. To learn more, you can contact Ruth directly at (613) 392-9207.

When an accused is sentenced to custody they will be serving their sentence in either a Provincial or Federal institution. Sentences of two years less a day will be served in a Provincial facility. Sentences of two years or more will be served in a Federal penitentiary. Federal inmates are under the auspices of Corrections Services Canada.

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This pamphlet is intended as a guideline only. For more detailed information, contact the institution where you will be starting your sentence.

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Provincial Jails (for accused people awaiting bail, or offenders sentenced to two years, less one day).

Federal Penitentiaries (for people sentenced to more than two year in custody).

Both Provincial and Federal institutions have staff who are available to answer questions, and assist inmates and their families. To make your sentence easier for you and your families, reach out for any services that are available. You should also request assistance for your transition after your custody is over.