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An experienced sexual assault lawyer for all sexual offences.

sexual assault lawyerIf you are looking to hire an experienced sexual assault lawyer, Robichaud’s criminal law firm may be the right firm for you.

Being charged with a sexual assault, sexual interference, or other types of sexual offences is a nightmare for a person who asserts their innocence.

However, having an experienced sexual assault lawyer can greatly reduce anxiety and ensure that you not treated unfairly or at a disadvantage in defending yourself.

Lawyers with proven experience in sexual assault cases.

The lawyers at Robichaud’s offers extensive and proven experience with defending allegations of sexual assault, interface, and sexual violence.  Our sexual assault lawyers have represented individuals charged with nearly every variation of these offences including: aggravated sexual assault, historical “rape” (pre-Criminal Code amendments), sexual interference, sexual exploitation, and sexual assault generally.

When charged with sexual offences, there can be no mistakes in these cases and nothing short of the best defence the law can afford will suffice. Your first step in successfully defending allegations of sexual assault or other forms of violence is hiring an experienced sexual assault lawyer.

Consequences are profound and lasting, if not permanent.  Our sexual assault lawyers understand this predicament, the law that applies, and the stress our clients face.   Sexual assault charges bring with them myriad complexities and sensitivities to sexual assault law and the protection of witnesses.  We also provides services to victims of sexual assault and help appreciate various avenues of recourse and guidance available through the Ontario Courts.

Why should I hire a lawyer to defend me on my charges of sexual assault, or other sexual offences?

Sexual assaults are very serious offences with severe consequences if an accused is convicted. Typically there is a presumption, or mandatory minimum, of a custodial sentences (i.e. jail), along with mandatory registration on national and provincial sex offender and DNA databases.

In addition to severe consequences, the trials of sexual assaults and sexual offences involve complicated rules of evidence that prohibit certain claims or defences to be raised.  Procedures and limitations such as these lend to confusion and frustration for an unrepresented accused.  You can read more about the effects of a sexual assault charge here.

If you are facing criminal charges of a sexual nature, the lawyers at Robichaud’s can help.  

View our past cases below to appreciate that it is not just our experience in sexual assault cases that makes our firm effective, but a proven history of success in the most serious of sexual assault charges.

Better still, speak to an experienced sexual assault lawyer right now at (416) 999-8389.  We can help you better understand the challenges you face and what possible defences apply to your unique situation.  We travel throughout Ontario to defend our clients charged with sexual offences.

Examples of our sexual assault lawyers’ past experience:

Charges: Trial on charges of sexual assault, and sexual interference. Allegations: A friend of family was alleged to have touched a young person while staying the evening after a party in the residence. Implausibilities in complainant’s evidence demonstrated to jury. Client testifies in his defence asserting his innocence.

Result: Client is found not guilty of all charges after a contested jury trial.

Charges: Sexual Assault, Aggravated Sexual Assault, Gang Sexual Assault, Kidnapping, Forcible Confinement, Human Trafficking, Sexual Assault with a Weapon, etc.

Allegations: Woman is assaulted, intimidated, and kidnapped in lieu of a debt owed by her boyfriend. When she is taken back to to a residence is Mississauga, she is sexually assaulted, tortured, confined in a closet overnight, and sexually assaulted the following day with forced fellatio and intercourse. During the course of the sexual assault, she is threatened to be forced into prostitution. Woman is released from the premises and attends hospital with injuries. Hospital then reports the incident to police who then obtain evidence that included, but not limited to: DNA, photographs, corroborating physical evidence (shoelaces, descriptions of residence, etc.). Canada wide warrants are executed and four individuals arrested including “A.R.” During the course of the proceedings, it was alleged that Mr. A.R. (represented by Sean Robichaud) is alleged to have been present during the entire first day/night but not to have engaged in any of the threats, sexual assaults, or kidnapping but charged and ordered to stand trial regardless. Complainant agrees with his passive role in cross-examination.

Result: A.R. is found NOT GUILTY on all counts and dismissed unconditionally at trial. The remaining accused parties are found guilty on all counts with the exception of two.

Charges: Rape (historical sections of Criminal Code): An historical complaint is made against a stepfather that D.B. had repeatedly raped the complainant between the ages of 14-18. It was further alleged that these sexual assaulted resulted in a pregnancy and a cover up by D.B. and his wife, the mother of the complainant, at the time. Several inconsistencies and implausibilities in evidence demonstrated to jury. Client testified in his defence asserting his innocence.

Results: Jury acquitted Mr. D.B. of all charges.

Charges: Sexual Assault x2: A complaint is made against ex-husband, I.P, that he sexually assaulted the Complainant, his ex-wife. Defence counsel provided the Crown with substantial information that affected the Complainant’s credibility.

Results: Crown Attorney withdrew all charges stating it was not in the interests of justice to proceed with the allegations.

Charges: Sexual Assault: All parties were drinking at a New Years Eve Party. The Complainant became intoxicated and unconscious. The Complainant’s partner and L.H. placed the Complainant in L.H.’s bed due to her intoxicated state. The Complainant became ill, thus her partner and L.H. cleaned up both the Complainant and the area where she became ill. The next morning the Complainant alleges L.H. sexually assaulted her in her sleep. DNA analysis was completed on the Complainant’s underwear and tested positive for L.H.’s DNA. Client testified at trial asserting his innocence and that he never engaged in any sexual activity with the complainant. Weaknesses in DNA demonstrated to jury as well as other possible explanations for the deposit of DNA evidence in her underpants.

Results: Jury acquitted Mr. L.H. of all charges.

Charges: Sexual Interference, Sexual Assault: historical allegations of sexual touching at a Toronto area daycare. Client testified in his defence asserting his innocence and that the allegations made against him were implausible and false. Judge left in reasonable doubt.

Result: Not guilty on all charges after a contested trial involving child witness testimony.

Charges: Sexual Assault, Invitation to Sexual Touching, etc. Allegations: a track coach was alleged to have sexually assaulted an athlete while she was between the ages of 15 to 17 years old and while training a a particular facility. It was alleged that during the course of their relationship, Mr. X would approach her in private areas and make suggestive comments, fondle her, and subsequently make arrangements for them to have sexual intercourse. The matter was highly contested and proceeded to a preliminary hearing where the cross-examination of the complainant revealed numerous inconsistencies and flat out contradictions with factual matters.

On the day of the trial, all charges against Mr. X were withdrawn at the request of the Crown.

Charges: Sexual Assault, Anal Intercourse, etc. Allegations: While working as a public representative for a Crown corporation, it was alleged that W.C. met the complainant and made arrangements to go on a date with her. When they ultimately met up, W.C. was alleged to have taken her back to his apartment and forced himself upon her and engaged in full intercourse, including anal intercourse.

Result: All charges withdrawn.

Charges: Sexual Assault, Invitation to Sexual Touching, etc. Allegations: O.A. was alleged to have been a resident of a where the 6 year old complainant and her family lived. It was alleged that when the mother of the young person left for work in the evenings, Mr. A. would lure the young person to his basement apartment and on several occasions forced sexual intercourse upon her. On a separate occasion it was alleged that Mr. A. confronted the complainant at her mother’s birthday party when she was 10 years old and forced her into a bedroom to have intercourse with her.

Result: After cross-examination at the preliminary hearing, several problems were discovered with the complainant’s version of events. The charges were stayed as a result.

Charges: Sexual Assault. Allegations: Complainant and accused alleged to have drank heavily and then attended his residence. At the residence, complainant alleges that accused forces herself upon her and engages in full intercourse without her consent.

Results: All charges withdrawn by the Crown Attorney at the preliminary hearing stage.

Charges: Sexual Assault. Allegations: Accused was alleged to have had non-consensual intercourse with complainant at her home during a casual evening. The complainant alleged K.C. was a friend who came over to smoke drugs and watch television. After the consumption of the marijuana, K.C. made sexual advances that were brushed off by the complainant. K.C. was alleged to have persisted and at one point explicitly stated he was going to rape her. Client testified in his defence and asserted that he was innocent of the allegations.

Results: Jury Acquits accused on all counts.

Charges: Sexual Assault. Allegations: That the accused, aged 31, had sexual intercourse with his 17 year old baby sitter against her will. At trial, the accused testified that they did indeed have sex, but the act was consensual.

Results: Jury acquitted Mr. M.

Charges: Sexual Assault. Allegations: The accused was the step brother of the complainant. She alleged that while they were living in the same home, he would force sexual intercourse upon her on numerous occasions. The sexual acts continued for several years before she reported it to the police.

Results: Charges Dismissed.

DISCLAIMER: Every criminal case is unique and every case has it’s own challenges.  Past acquittals, withdrawals, or other favourable results our lawyers have achieved for our clients in allegations of sexual assault or sexual interference does not mean the same result can be obtained for present or future clients.  We look at each case with it’s own unique characteristics and fashion our approach on the individual, not the crime itself.

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