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2018 Tuesday, June 12,

Live Podcast with Lorne Sossin on legal education (and bonus tips on podcasting)

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This episode of Of Counsel is particularly special. For the first time ever, we did a live interview before a large group of listeners at the Canadian Defence Lawyers Annual National Conference with the former Dean [...]

2018 Sunday, June 3,

The Ryerson Law Practice Program: Gina Alexandris, André Bacchus, and Chris Bentley

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Recognizing a need for alternative pathways for graduated law students to successfully advance to lawyers, the Law Society launched the Law Practice Program in 2014. The initiative was bold and met with controversy among the [...]

2018 Friday, January 19,

Michael Lacy – Don’t let the law get in the way of your argument

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In this episode of “Of Counsel”, we hear from President of the Criminal Lawyers’ Association, Michael Lacy.  Join us as we listen to Michael discuss the lessons he has learned over his many years in [...]

2018 Saturday, January 13,

Gerald Chan – Pivoting, Preparation, and Rap Battles

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In just 10 years since his call in 2007, Gerald has proven himself as one of the most accomplished litigators in Canada, and overall just a really great guy. His CV and accomplishments reads like [...]

2016 Tuesday, October 18,

The Preservation of the LPP Program

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Tomorrow (October 19, 2016) is the deadline to the Law Society of Upper Canada for submissions on whether the Ryerson LPP Program.   In a recent update, the Law Society of Upper Canada stated: As part [...]