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2016 Wednesday, May 4,

The sound and fury of cross-examination. 10 basic tips to winning your next trial.

By |2017-05-29T16:17:47-04:00May 4th, 2016|

10 rules of cross-examination in criminal trials There are few topics in the law written on as extensively as cross-examination.  Cross-examination is to a lawyer as is the breakaway shot [...]

2014 Wednesday, December 31,

The Year in Review: Robichaud’s Canada’s Top Criminal Law Cases for 2014

By |2018-03-19T21:25:52-04:00December 31st, 2014|

A year in review: the top 10 cases in criminal law for 2014 in Canada. Apart from the early to mid-80's when the Charter of Rights and Freedoms came into effect [...]

2014 Friday, August 1,

19 laws of criminal defence: a lawyer’s reflection on a decade of practice.

By |2017-06-22T12:11:08-04:00August 1st, 2014|

19 laws of criminal defence: a lawyer's reflection after ten years of swimming with the sharks. A picture of me the day I was called to the bar in 2005: [...]

2013 Tuesday, March 5,

Top 10 iPad Trial Lawyer Apps: Litigate Electronically With Style

By |2018-03-19T21:23:50-04:00March 5th, 2013|

Our top 10 iPad apps for trial lawyers: A while back, I authored an article entitled "Top 10 iPad Trial Lawyer Apps" that was quite popular for criminal lawyers and litigators like myself who rely [...]