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Victim of crime lawyers for those seeking advice, guidance, support, and compensation.

victims of crime lawyerRobichaud’s victim of crime lawyers provide extensive support and guidance to victims of crime.  Practicing exclusively in criminal litigation, our firm has day to day experience with how the criminal justice system works and the processes involved.

You have rights as a victim.  We ensure they are protected, respected, and implemented.

The newly enacted Victims’ Bill of Rights Guarantees Extensive Rights to Victims of Crime

On April 23, 2015, the Canadian Victims Bill of Rights received Royal Assent and came into force in Canada.  The bill fundamentally changes and protects the rights of victims in Canada.

For example, it provides rights of victims (among many other things) to:

  • Obtain copies of the bail or probation orders relating to the accused;
  • Testimonial aids;
  • Conceal the identification of witnesses and victims in criminal proceedings;
  • Require information to victims about the criminal process and the role of victims, the services and programs available to them, and their right to file a complaint if their rights are infringed;
  • Require information to victims about the status of the criminal proceedings, the location, the progress, and outcome;
  • Require victims’ views be heard as it may affect their rights;
  • Present victim impact statements and have them considered;Increased restrictions on judge’s discretion in imposing victim fine surcharges;
  • Broadening the reasons and means for witnesses to have support workers present and testify outside the courtroom.

Most importantly, it provides for procedures for hearing from the victim on compensatory harm done to them akin to a civil proceeding where evidence may be called and considered.  The Court in a criminal proceeding, now has the power to make restitution orders against the offender that is enforceable as a civil judgment. 

A victim of crime lawyer can help ensure your rights are respected.

We offer our services to all victims of crime but with particular emphasis on victims of sexual assault, sexual violence, and family members of homicide victims.

With our advice and support, we ensure our victims of crime clients’ rights are protected. We focus our attention on key areas in representing our victims of crime clients:

  1. An ongoing dialogue with the prosecutor (Crown Attorney) so that our clients stay informed of the stages of the process and how the accused intends to act on his or her behalf.
  2. A comprehensive explanation to our clients of the procedures and rights afforded by the criminal justice system and under the Criminal Code of Canada.
  3. Strict protection of privacy rights for victims of sexual assault and sexual violations (protection of medical and therapeutic records).
  4. Building empowerment and confidence by preparing our clients to testify.
  5. Ensuring the procedural protections are afforded when applicable and sought by the client (testifying behind a screen, use of a support person, testifying by adopting a video made on previous occasions).
  6. Acting as advocates for young victims of crime and ensuring their enhanced rights are protected.

Our extensive experience in criminal law is invaluable to our victims of crime clients.

sexual assault victim trialsOur law firm offers comprehensive services in criminal litigation.  This means that we also defend people charged with crimes.  As a result, we have extensive experience in virtually every type of criminal charge and criminal law  – particularly those involving sexual violence.

We know the types of strategies, questions, and motions the defence will bring.  We also have very established professional relationships with the Crown Attorneys who have come to trust us over the years. In short, we know the system and we know how to help victims of crime through it.

As a victim of crime, having this information to you and an experienced professional on your side makes a considerable difference in reducing anxiety and ensuring that you have the best chance of obtaining the result you are seeking.

The Crown Attorney is not your lawyer and is limited in what they can or will share with you during the process.  More importantly, their primary duty is not to the victim of crime.  Their duty is to prosecute the way they see fit.  The accused will almost certainly have a lawyer; you have a right to hire one as well.

Victims of crime are entitled to compensation. Our lawyers can assist in obtaining it.

victims bill of rights canadaThe law recognizes the life-changing harm a crime can have upon a victim.  Even after physical scars heal, the emotional and psychological ones may last forever.  Victims of crime are entitled to be compensated for this harm, as are family members and those individuals who it has affected.

There are different ways to approach compensation including the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board, civil law suits, and through upcoming statutory amendments in Bill C-32.

Whichever route you may choose as a victim, the lawyers at Robichaud’s can guide you in seeking the reparation you are entitled to.  Being compensated for the harm done to a victim will never place them back to the person they were before, but it helps – just like we can help.

Call us today and speak to one of our victim of crime lawyers.  The team at Robichaud’s offers well-rounded and applicable experience.

Sean Robichaud, a certified specialist in criminal litigation by the Law Society of Upper Canada, offers key insights into the criminal law process and how victims can prepare themselves in testifying.  His extensive litigation experience ensures that victims’ rights are fiercely guarded by the protections afforded under the law.

Call us today at (416) 999-8389.  If you are a victim of crime, our lawyers can help.