A collection of wrongful conviction inquiries in Canada:  

wrongful convictions canadaIt’s important for everyone to remember that wrongful convictions happens, continues to happen, and will always happen – but we can all take active steps to minimize those tragedies.  The justice system is a human system and like all human systems, mistakes are made – the more conscious we are of that reality, the less wrongful convictions will happen.   Here is a list of wrongful convictions commissions in Canada.

Commission reports on wrongful convictions:

Donald Marshall Inquiry Report:
Thomas Sophonow Inquiry Report:
Parsons, Druken, and Dalton Inquiry:
David Milgaard Inquiry Report:

These cases are not unique and certainly not isolated to Canada, although estimates of the actual number of wrongful convictions vary widely. Each miscarriage of justice, however, deals a blow to a society’s confidence in the legal system, experts say. “Wrongful convictions undermine the two prongs of the criminal justice system’s legitimacy,” states a 1992 report prepared by the Library of Parliament. “If someone is wrongfully convicted, that person is punished for an offence he or she did not commit and the actual perpetrator of the crime goes free.”