Youth Criminal Justice Act Lawyers

Youth Criminal Justice Lawyer ycjaYouths charged with criminal offences are dealt with under the Youth Criminal Justice Act. Our lawyers have extensive experience in defending young people charged with crimes.  Call us today at (416) 999-8389 to understand how we can help your son or daughter return to their best potential. 

This Act sets out the special ways that youth ought to be treated and recognizes a number of principles that differentiate them adult accused people. some of these principles state that:

  • Young people lack the maturity of adults and that the youth system is different from the adult system in many respects, including: measures of accountability are consistent with young persons’ reduced level of maturity; procedural protections are enhanced; rehabilitation and reintegration are given special emphasis; and the importance of timely intervention is recognized.
  • Punishment, sanctions, and intervention for youth are often best dealt with outside the formal court process, when dealing with non-violent and relatively minor criminal acts;
  • Custodial sentences (jail) should be used only when it is absolutely necessary to protect the public from violence and serious offences;
  • The criminal justice system must focus their efforts on rehabilitating and reintegrating the young persons back into the community;
  • That youths should be given sentences that are meaningful to the offender and takes into consideration the effect their actions may have had on the community, the victims, and the youth himself;
  • Society has a responsibility to address the developmental challenges and needs of young persons.
  • Communities and families should work in partnership with others to prevent youth crime by addressing its underlying causes, responding to the needs of young persons and providing guidance and support.
  • Young persons have rights and freedoms, including those set out in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

The YCJA in comparison to adult criminal offences.

Even though the Youth Criminal Justice Act is meant to integrate the family and youths while providing a engaging and easy to comprehend atmosphere, the same concerns and complications may arise that one would find in adult criminal courts.

Having an experienced defence counsel can assist you, or your child, in understanding the procedures and protections afforded to you.

YCJA Amendments October

DISCLAIMER: Every criminal case is unique and every case has it’s own challenges.  Past acquittals, withdrawals, or other favourable results our lawyers have achieved for our clients in youth crime cases does not mean the same result can be obtained for present or future clients.  We look at each case with it’s own unique characteristics and fashion our approach on the individual, not the crime itself. 

  • R. v. G.F. (Ontario Court of Justice) | Newmarket | Charges: (YCJA) Assault police officer x2, resist arrest x2, cause disturbance, escape lawful custody, fail to leave premises, theft under, possession of property under, mischief under $5000.00, fail to comply with an undertaking, etc. | Allegations: G.F. attended a house party and the owner called the police to remove unwanted persons. G.F. was permitted by the home owner to stay at the party but the Police Officers ordered to leave. A struggle ensued and G.F. was charged with the aforementioned charges. Result: All charges withdrawn following completion counselling sessions.
  • R. v. A.P. (Ontario Court of Justice) | 311 Jarvis Street | 3 separate offence dates: (All YCJA)

[#1] Charges: Robbery x1 | Allegations: A.P. alleged to have attacked a male who was selling cell phones and then alleged to have stolen the phones.[#2] Charges: Robbery x3 | Allegations: A.P. and co-accuseds alleged to have attacked two males two males and stolen their property. A third male was alleged to have been approached and searched by A.P. and the co-accuseds who then demanded he give them his cellphone. The third male then alleged A.P. and the co-accuseds searched him and stole $20.00.[#3] Charges: Fail to Comply with Recognizance, carry a concealed weapon | Allegations: Police received a complaint from the TTC alleging the accused and others were throwing newspapers at subway cars. Officer’s arrive and A.P. was searched incident to arrest where Police found a concealed knife. A.P. was under a Recognizance at the time for the aforementioned robbery charges.
Result: All charges withdrawn after completing 30 hours of community service.

  • R. v. K.C. (Ontario Court of Justice) | Brampton | Charge: (YCJA) possession of marijuana (Controlled Drug and Substances Act charge) Allegations: K.C. approached by police and alleged to have possessed a small amount of marijuana and a “bong.” | Results: Charge withdrawn upon completion of community service hours.
  • R. v. T.J. (Ontario Court of Justice) | Charges: (YCJA) Robbery x4 | Allegations: Three girls are robbed in a park on the way to a party. Client was alleged to have ust up with them and their boyfriend, set up the robbery on his cell phone while they were on the way, and then fled the area when the accomplices ambushed them. | Result: Charges withdrawn.
  • R. v. T.C-W. (Ontario Court of Justice) | Oshawa | Charges: Possession of Concealed Weapon, Possession of Prohibited Weapon, Possession of Weapon Dangerous to the Public Peace | Allegations: Youth alleged to have a flick knife at school and brandished it after a fight between a school mate. | Result: Acquitted on all charges.
  • R. v. A.R. (Ontario Court of Justice) | Oshawa | Charge: Assault | Allegations: A.R. alleged to have attacked a youth | Result: Charges withdrawn upon entering a peace bond, completing community service hours and writing an apology to the alleged victim.
  • R. v. H.A. (Ontario Court of Justice) | Kitchener | Charge: Uttering threats | Allegations: H.A. was alleged to have posted a tweet on twitter threatening to harm his school teacher. Results: Charge withdrawn after completion of counselling, written apology letters and a creative project (i.e. Extra-judicial sanctions).
  • R. v. A.A. (Ontario Court of Justice) | Brampton | Charges: Criminal Harassment | Allegations: Accused was alleged to have harassed and bullied another kid at school. | Result: Not Guilty.
  • R. v. A.C. [#1] (Ontario Court of Justice) | Brampton | Charges: (YCJA) Robbery, Threaten Death | Allegations: Accused was alleged to have threatened and bullied another youth at school and robbed him of property. | Result: Charges Withdrawn (upon completion of extra-judicial sanctions).
  • R. v. A.C. [#2] (Ontario Court of Justice) | Brampton | Charges: (YCJA) Robbery, Possession of Property Obtained by crime | Allegations: Accused was alleged to have stolen property from another youth using violence. | Result: Charges Withdrawn (upon completion of extra-judicial sanctions).
  • R. v. A.C. [#3] (Ontario Court of Justice) | Brampton | Charges: (YCJA) Failing to Comply with Bail Conditions | Allegations: Alleged to have breached his bail conditions. | Result: Charges Withdrawn.
  • R. v. A.C. [#4] (Ontario Court of Justice) | Brampton | Charges: Assault | Allegations: Alleged to have assaulted another youth at school. | Result: Charges Withdrawn (upon completion of extra-judicial sanctions).

Speak to one of our YCJA lawyers today familiar with the YCJA (Youth Criminal Justice Act) to understand how we can help your son or daughter defend their charges and return to their potential.