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Ruth Roberts: 16 things to know before going to jail in Ontario: a prisoner’s guide.

14 things to know before going to jail in Ontario: a prisoner's guide. A guest post by Ruth Roberts, Bonn Law Ruth Roberts is [...]

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“The police want to interview me. What do I do?”

"The police want to interview me in a criminal investigation. What should I do?" Many times a month, our lawyers get calls from terrified people telling us that [...]

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Liberty lost: the failings of delegating bail hearings to Justices of the Peace in Ontario

How the delegation of bail hearings to Justices of the Peace has failed, and a judicial recalibration is required. Recently, the the CBC reported  that"Judges will be taking [...]

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The set-date system in Ontario needs change and here’s how…

Complacency starts in set-date Court. A solution on how small changes can have profound effects on delay. Today, across the Province of Ontario, hundreds of lawyers and thousands [...]

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7 practical tips on digital evidence for lawyers. Protection, preservation, tracking, and privilege.

7 tips for lawyers on guarding privilege, protecting client rights, and tracking evidence in the digital age. When I was an articling student, my principal [...]

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