In just 10 years since his call in 2007, Gerald has proven himself as one of the most accomplished litigators in Canada, and overall just a really great guy. His CV and accomplishments reads like a wild wish list of an ambitious law student who has had way too many coffees.  Gerald is an accomplished author, a former clerk to the Supreme Court of Canada, and prodigy of the legendary conditional litigator Clayton Ruby.  Gerald is now partner Stockswoods in Toronto, and overall a really great guy.

Listen to his insights on appellate advocacy, tips on litigation for recent calls, and how to freestyle rap. (You can also purchase his new book by Emond Publishing (Digital Evidence: A Practitioner’s Handbook) here. (Use checkout code “ROBICHAUD17” for 10% off)

Ep. #1: Gerald Chan – Pivoting, Preparation, and Rap Battles

Gerald Chan – Pivoting, Preparation, and Rap Battles
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