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He has spent his career defending unpopular clients, advocating principled positions, and holding strong in face of a relentless prosecution by the Law Society of Ontario for allegations of “incivility” in his successful defence of John Felderhof in the now infamous Bre-X scandal.

Even as a young boy growing up in Toronto, Joseph knew with certainty he wanted practice law. He attend law school at the University of Toronto before being called in 1981. In 1985 he joined the Ontario Securities Commission as associate general counsel handling litigation matters to later become Director of Enforcement. Over time, and under the mentorship of legendary lawyers like Ian Binnie, he harnessed his specialization in securities law into his own Toronto firm Groia & Co.

In 2015, and despite the ongoing prosecution he faced by the Law Society, Joseph was elected Bencher and now is one of the many lawyers in the Province of Ontario who contributes to the regulation of the profession. Joseph has been ranked as one of Canada’s 500 leading lawyers since the year 2000.

Above all, Joseph Groia’s sense of right and wrong and his willingness to fight for injustice is truly remarkable and an inspiration to many lawyers and law students wishing to follow in his footsteps.

Join us as we listen to Joe discusses advocacy, integrity, courage, and how to make fine wine.

Ep. #9: Joseph Groia: Be tough, be concise, be persuasive, then shut up and sit down

Joseph Groia: Be tough, be concise, be persuasive, then shut up and sit down.
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