Rocco Galati

For our listeners who have patiently awaited the next episode of our podcast, you won’t be disappointed. We are joined by one of Canada’s most influential lawyers, Rocco Galati.

Rocco has held the Canadian government to account time and time again for excess of power and neglect of duty. Perhaps best known for his instrumental role stopping Justice Marc Nadon’s elevation to the Supreme Court of Canada under the Harper Government, he has many other achievements which have shaped Canadian jurisprudence.

To say that Rocco doesn’t fear controversy would be a serious understatement. He epitomizes what it means to have courage as a lawyer, to stand for what he belives in no matter what the cost, and ensuring justice prevails even though the heavans may fall.

WARNING: this episode contains explicit language that may be offensive to some of our listeners.

Ep. #23: Rocco Galati: The Rule of Law is all we have

Rocco Galati: The Rule of Law is all we have
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