2021 Friday, February 19,

Why are Domestic Assault Charges Withdrawn | A Toronto Raptors’ Player Example

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A Toronto Raptor player had his domestic assault charges withdrawn, is this special treatment? Today, domestic assault charges against Toronto Raptors player Terence Davis were withdrawn by The New York District Attorney's Office. [...]

2020 Monday, May 11,

Restraining Orders and Peace Bonds in Ontario

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Peace Bonds / Restraining Orders In Ontario: How to get one; how to oppose one. S. 810 Recognizance vs Common Law Peace Bond The term “restraining order” is often thrown around in [...]

2016 Thursday, June 23,

Why you need a lawyer for domestic assault charges in Ontario.

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Why hiring a lawyer for domestic assault and domestic violence can make a huge difference in your case. Over the past decade, our lawyers and law firm have represented a large number of people for [...]

2015 Friday, January 2,

The Victim Quagmire: The Input of Complainants in Domestic Assault Prosecutions

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The Victim Quagmire:  The Input of Complainants in Domestic Assault Prosecutions Victims of domestic abuse often find themselves in difficult positions in the Canadian criminal justice system. Some victims do not [...]