5 things I learned in my first weeks as a criminal defence lawyer

5 things I have learned in my first weeks as a defence lawyer Following my call to the Bar, I traded in my dogeared copy of the Rules [...]

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Speed up criminal cases without sacrificing Canadian rights: 11 certain and quick fixes

Speed up criminal cases without sacrificing Canadian's fair trial rights: 11 easy fixes Last week, Ontario's Attorney General Yasir Naqvi called upon the federal government to consider a [...]

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We are all Groia: in defence of the defenders

We are Groia. "What's an advocate?" In part, this is the question that the Supreme Court of Canada will have to answer after granting leave in the case of Groia vs. The [...]

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How to testify in Court: a witness’ guide to presenting credible evidence.

A witness' guide to credibility: what to know and what to avoid when testifying in Court. Testifying in Court can be a very stressful experience for any individual, [...]

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Lawyers as specialists, not advocates for all seasons.

Winter is coming for the Lawyer of All Seasons. If any lawyer introduces themselves to another, the immediate follow up question is "What sort of law do [...]

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The Preservation of the LPP Program

Tomorrow (October 19, 2016) is the deadline to the Law Society of Upper Canada for submissions on whether the Ryerson LPP Program.   In a recent update, the Law Society of [...]

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10 things to know before committing to a life of crime…

Thinking of becoming a criminal defence lawyer? 10 things to know: When we think of the question "What makes a criminal defence lawyer really good?" thoughts of dramatic movie cross-examinations come [...]

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The sound and fury of cross-examination. 10 basic tips to winning your next trial.

10 rules of cross-examination in criminal trials There are few topics in the law written on as extensively as cross-examination.  Cross-examination is to a lawyer [...]

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