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2019 Tuesday, April 23,

The culture of complacency in criminal court

By |2019-08-12T22:52:11-04:00April 23rd, 2019|

“Tim, meet Justice system. Justice system, meet some guy and his lawyer.” A few weeks ago, “Tim” (not his real name) approached our firm to represent him on serious criminal allegations. He was [...]

2018 Friday, December 14,

Heather’s Legal Summaries: R v Boudreault, 2018 SCC 58

By |2018-12-15T10:22:38-04:00December 14th, 2018|

Heather's Legal Summaries: The case of R v Boudreault, 2018 SCC 58 Victim Fine Surcharges Today, the Supreme Court of Canada released its decision in four cases, heard together as R v Boudreault, 2018 [...]

2018 Sunday, June 10,

The Other “Cannabis Act”:  9 Things to Know about the Ontario Legislation

By |2018-06-10T10:27:10-04:00June 10th, 2018|

The Other "Cannabis Act":  9 Things to Know about the Ontario Legislation "The Other One" (Ontario’s Cannabis Act) Let us talk about the Cannabis Act that will set out in law in the new landscape of [...]

2018 Tuesday, February 13,

How Antic changed bail in Canada and the cases that followed it: the case of R. v. Tunney

By |2018-03-21T12:08:38-04:00February 13th, 2018|

How Antic Changed Everything for Bail in Canada: The Case of R. v. Tunney The case of R. v. Tunney (linked below) started as a routine bail hearing in Newmarket where Mr. Tunney [...]

2018 Thursday, January 4,

Text Message Privacy: Where We Are and Where We Are Going (by Gerald Chan)

By |2018-03-21T12:09:16-04:00January 4th, 2018|

We are very pleased to have the following guest post by Gerald Chan of Stockwoods in Toronto. Gerald Chan is a leading litigator in Canada, practicing in regulatory, criminal, and administrative law.  He is co-author of Digital Evidence: A Practitioner's Handbook by Emonds Publishing. His [...]