“The police want to interview me. What do I do?”

"The police want to interview me in a criminal investigation. What should I do?" Many times a month, our lawyers get calls from terrified people telling us that [...]

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7 practical tips on digital evidence for lawyers. Protection, preservation, tracking, and privilege.

7 tips for lawyers on guarding privilege, protecting client rights, and tracking evidence in the digital age. When I was an articling student, my principal [...]

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The case of Bradshaw: hearsay, gun shots, and reliability.

The Supreme Court of Canada has made it clear: hearsay is presumptively inadmissible (or so I heard...) The case of Bradshaw. Yesterday, the Supreme Court of Canada released [...]

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Prosecuting and defending driving while impaired by drug cases in Canada.

Proving a person is impaired by a drug while driving may not be as hard as you think. The information provided in this article is very basic legal information [...]

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Canadian sexual trials explained: balancing the rights of an accused and empowering victims.

Sexual assault trials in Canada: assumptions and misinformation clarified. Recent events surrounding Jian Ghomeshi has instigated a national outcry relating to the protection of sexual assault victims and the difficulties they [...]

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Disincentives Towards Innocence: Wrongful Convictions at a Micro-Level

DISINCENTIVES TOWARDS INNOCENCE: A LOOK AT WRONGFUL CONVICTIONS IN THE ONTARIO CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM (Sean Robichaud, 2004)*  * This is an older paper written many years ago.  However, it is [...]

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Trafficking drugs includes more than selling, it also includes sharing.

Trafficking in a controlled substances means a lot more than selling it for profit.  What does this mean for Rob Ford? In light of the breaking news that is happening [...]

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What happens when police ask a suspect to participate in a polygraph (“lie detector”) test.

Disclaimer (a must read):  This article is for informational and academic purposes only.  This article cannot, and should not, replace proper legal advice by a properly qualified lawyer.  If you [...]

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