Text Message Privacy: Where We Are and Where We Are Going (by Gerald Chan)

We are very pleased to have the following guest post by Gerald Chan of Stockwoods in Toronto. Gerald Chan is a leading litigator in Canada, practicing in regulatory, criminal, and administrative law.  He is co-author of Digital Evidence: [...]

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7 practical tips on digital evidence for lawyers. Protection, preservation, tracking, and privilege.

7 tips for lawyers on guarding privilege, protecting client rights, and tracking evidence in the digital age. When I was an articling student, my principal [...]

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Trafficking drugs includes more than selling, it also includes sharing.

Trafficking in a controlled substances means a lot more than selling it for profit.  What does this mean for Rob Ford? In light of the breaking news that is happening [...]

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“Under False Pretences”: How the Court Deals with Errors in Informations to Obtain Search Warrants

Search warrants, errors, omissions, and corroboration: a basic overview of what we look for as lawyers. To obtain a search warrant, police must present the issuing justice with sufficient [...]

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No password on your phone? Fair game for police to search on arrest: R. v. Fearon, Ont.C.A., Feb 20, 2013

The Case of Fearon: Police Given the Green Light to Search a Phone if not Password Protected. The case of R. v. Fearon, 2013 ONCA 106 sets out general [...]

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The case of R. v. Aucoin: rights rendered meaningless without remedies.

The case of R. v. Aucoin: is there such a thing as a right without a remedy? On November 30, 2012 the Supreme Court of Canada released the decision of R. [...]

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Police T.A.V.I.S. unit went too far, judge rules.

Causing a disturbance under the eyes of Toronto Police's T.A.V.I.S. On Thursday, Justice Brewer released her judgment on R. v. Fitzroy Osbourne.  Police, acting under in their capacity [...]

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