2020 Thursday, December 31,

Charged with sexual assault? The basics on defending sex offences

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Anyone charged with sexual assault, or other sexual offences, faces serious and urgent issues. Learn the essential things about sexual assault cases.

2017 Monday, April 10,

The Legalization of Marijuana and the Impact on Impaired Driving

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The legalization of marijuana and its impact of impaired driving laws in Canada The legalization of marijuana brings with it many controversies including how it will affect those charged with impaired driving in [...]

2016 Monday, October 17,

The illegal practice of creepy killer clowning in Canada.

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No Laughing Matter: Criminal Implications of the “Clown Terror” Trend The circus is in town. A trend that seems to have begun in the United States has spread into Canada: various, unaffiliated pranksters dressing [...]

2014 Tuesday, October 28,

“Five for Fighting”: The NHL’s Legal Liability for Effects of Fighting on Enforcers

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 "Five for fighting" - The National Hockey League's Liability for Fighting and Enforcers As the season changes to winter, many Canadians turn their attention to the national pastime: hockey.  While fans and pundits discuss [...]

2014 Friday, July 25,

Stunt driving in Ontario. A lawyer’s explanation of charges and defences

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Stunt Driving and Racing in Ontario: charges, defences, and penalties explained by a defence lawyer. Over the years, our law firm has successfully defended many individuals charged with "stunt driving".  In [...]

2014 Saturday, June 28,

Driving a Boat Impaired is the Same Offence as Driving a Car Impaired

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Operating a motor vehicle while impaired by alcohol or drug includes boats, jet-skis, ATVs, and other recreational vehicles. We explain the consequences. Cottage life is wonderful. As I write this article, we are [...]