2021 Friday, February 19,

Why are Domestic Assault Charges Withdrawn | A Toronto Raptors’ Player Example

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A Toronto Raptor player had his domestic assault charges withdrawn, is this special treatment? Today, domestic assault charges against Toronto Raptors player Terence Davis were withdrawn by The New York District Attorney's Office. [...]

2016 Monday, October 17,

The illegal practice of creepy killer clowning in Canada.

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No Laughing Matter: Criminal Implications of the “Clown Terror” Trend The circus is in town. A trend that seems to have begun in the United States has spread into Canada: various, unaffiliated pranksters dressing [...]

2014 Tuesday, November 11,

Canadian sexual trials explained: balancing the rights of an accused and empowering victims.

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Sexual assault trials in Canada: assumptions and misinformation clarified. Recent events surrounding Jian Ghomeshi has instigated a national outcry relating to the protection of sexual assault victims and the difficulties they face when struggling with the [...]

2014 Monday, March 10,

Justin Bieber didn’t appear in Toronto Court today. Want to know Why?

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You don't have to be a celebrity like Justin Bieber to have a lawyer appear on your behalf in Toronto courts if you have a designation of counsel. There were several disappointed Justin Bieber fans [...]